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Palm Springs Railroad Accident Attorney

Injuries Suffered in a Rail & Train Accidents

Trains are an excellent form of transportation for travelers, commuters, and for moving large quantities of goods across the country. They are also, however, highly dangerous due to their immense size and weight and the fact that they require up to a full mile to come to a complete stop. Pedestrians and drivers are at risk of being injured in a collision with a train at a crossing, whereas railroad passengers are in danger of being hurt if the train stops suddenly or is involved in a collision. The injuries suffered in a railroad accident range from the relatively minor to broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, crushed or severed limbs, and even fatal injuries in many cases.

The passengers on board the Metrolink or an Amtrak train have little or no protection in the event of a collision or train wreck. Unlike automobile and even airplane passengers, train passengers are typically not secured by seat belts or other restraints and may even be standing at the time of the accident. As dangerous as it can be on board a train, it is even more hazardous to find yourself on the outside of a railroad accident. Victims who are hit directly, such as at a railroad crossing, stand little chance of surviving the impact, and there is also the risk of the train derailing and maiming or killing people in the vicinity of the track.

Claiming Compensation in a Train Accident Case

The victims of railroad accidents are frequently able to sue for monetary damages based on the fact that this type of accident is nearly always preventable. In some cases, the cause may be malfunctioning equipment, such as crossing signals or gates that fail to warn drivers of an approaching train, or a track switch that misfires and causes two trains to collide head on. In other cases, the cause may be discovered to be negligence on the part of the train crew, such as in the 2008 Chatsworth disaster in which 25 people were killed and 135 were injured in an accident caused by an engineer who was texting on a cell phone while operating the train. Don't let yourself go uncompensated for your injuries. Contact a Palm Springs personal injury lawyer now at Stern Law Group for a free consultation to discuss your options for pursuing legal action.

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