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FAQ: Personal Injury

When you are injured in an accident, by a dangerous product, or on another's property, it is essential that you know your rights and the legal procedures you can take to protect them. When it comes to filing personal injury claims, many injured victims simply do not know where to begin. In order to provide you with a strong and factual foundation that you can use to better understand this complicated legal process, our legal team at Stern Law Group has answered some of the most frequently asked question about personal injury claims.

What is a personal injury claim?
A personal injury claim is a legal action available to victims who were injured as the result of another person's negligent, reckless, or wrongful actions. In cases such as car accidents, claims are filed against a person's insurance provider. In cases involving dangerous products, claims can be brought against the manufacturer or responsible company. A successful claim will allow an injured victim to recover the damages that they suffered.

What is liability?
Liability is a legal term used to describe a legal obligation, or responsibility. Liability is the most essential element in personal injury claims, as clear and convincing fault must be established. This means that the person or company responsible for causing an injury accident can be held liable for compensating victims. As the successful outcome of a claim hinges on establishing liability, it is essential that you work with a strong and experienced attorney.

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How are victims compensated?
Once liability is established in favor of an injured victim, a court will award compensation to be paid by the responsible party. This can include compensation for the economic damages, non-economic damages and punitive damages incurred by a victim. Economic damages consist of the medical bills resulting from any procedures, treatment or care required by an injury, as well as any lost wages that resulted from a victim's inability to work. Non-economic damages are the emotional damages suffered by a victim and their family. These can include mental anguish, pain and suffering, psychological distress and the loss of quality or enjoyment or life. Punitive damages are awarded in cases that involve extreme negligence or illegal acts, such as drunk driving accidents.

What is product liability?
Product liability is a specific area of law that can hold manufacturers that make products available to the public liable for any injuries or illnesses that their products cause to consumers. For example, consumers who are injured by dangerous drugs can file claims against pharmaceutical companies in order to obtain compensation for their damages.

What is premises liability?
Premises liability is another legal area that establishes the responsibility of property owners to provide safe and healthy conditions for their visitors and guests. As they are required to ensure that their property is free from preventable harm, premises owners can be held liable in the event that a visitor or guest is injured on their property as a result of their negligence, such as in slip and fall cases.

Do I need an attorney to file a claim?
While there are no laws that mandate legal representation during the personal injury claim process, the legal difficulties, complications and efforts of insurance companies to pay as little as possible make legal representation a wise choice if you wish to increase your chances of being fully and fairly compensated.

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Our firm provides these answers to frequently asked questions as a starting point for you to learn about the personal injury claim process. All claims will vary depending on the unique circumstances involved. With more than 150 years of combined experience, 30,000 clients served, and hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation recovered for clients, Stern Law Group delivers results. Contact our firm today.

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